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Improve the College & Career Journey with an Interview Expert by Your Side. 

At Interview Excellence,

Students Receive One-on-One Training to:

- Prepare interview talking points

- Create their own unique story 

- Cultivate and enhance their speaking skills

- Build confidence & reduce anxiety

- Make that great first impression!

Knowing how to present yourself during an interview is vitally important in today's competitive college admissions and

post-graduate career environments. We work with students in a casual setting to ensure they are well prepared to

confidently talk about their school, community and life experiences, and ultimately convey their strengths and achievements to the school or company interviewer.

Clients receive a detailed follow-up Report to ensure

they are prepared for any interview situation.


  • Find out more under Choose a Session, below

  • Consult with Expert Interview Coach, Cam Axelrood

Student Success


"Cam helped me feel less stressed when I was preparing for an alumni interview with my top school. I honestly feel that my interview prep helped me get accepted to my #1 university"

Nathan G., High Schooler

“I was a Ph.D. candidate who wasn't feeling comfortable talking about myself. After hiring Cam, she helped me create a script that I successfully used during an important interview with my top choice school."

Deborah A., PhD Candidate

“Cam asked real-life questions that helped me feel more confident and better prepared for my interviews. These days we can go through five interviews to score one internship, so the preparation was key to landing the position."

Will N., College Student

"I immediately knew Cam was a good fit for my daughter after speaking with her. Ultimately, she helped my senior feel much more confident and prepared going into her interviews, which in turn took stress off of me, too!"

Jill S, Parent

Cam Axelrood, Expert Interview Coach

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