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At Interview Excellence, Clients Receive Personalized, One-on-One Coaching Focused on Their Individual Goals

In today's highly competitive college and career search environments,

it's vitally important to be prepared for important interviews.

Clients have successfully used Interview Excellence to prepare for:

College Admissions, Scholarship, & Post-Graduate Career interviews.

Together we:

- Pinpoint Leadership Skills, Strengths of Character, Top Achievements, & Challenges faced;

- Discuss hard-hitting interviews questions & how best to respond;

- Prepare & rehearse Talking Points to real-life interview questions;-

- Uncover your unique story from school, community & work experiences;

- Fine-tune important interpersonal speaking skills;

- Learn the different between Formal & hidden "Informal" Interviews;

- Prepare to make that all-important great first impression;

- Build confidence & reduce anxiety in the process.

Success Stories:

"Cam helped me feel less stressed when I was preparing for college admissions interviews. We prepared talking points about my strengths, challenges and achievements. We created a fun story out of my passion for fishing! I felt prepared to speak about anything listed on my resume. I honestly feel that my interview prep helped me get accepted to my #1 school."

Nathan G., High School Senior

“I was a Ph.D. candidate who wasn't feeling confident talking about myself. After hiring Cam, she helped me create a script to use during an important interview with my top choice school. I felt better prepared and so much more comfortable speaking about my achievements, that after the interview I was accepted into the program!"

Deborah A., Ph.D. Candidate

“Cam helped prepare me for my job interviews out of college. She asked real-life questions that helped me feel more confident and prepared for what to expect. Through our question and answer rehearsal, she helped me stand-out from the competition.The interview prep was key to landing my desired position at a top corporation."

Will N., Post-College Graduate

"When I learned I was up for a full-ride scholarship, my mom contacted Cam to help with extra preparation for this important interview. I was nervous to face a panel of nine school administrators. Together we rehearsed answers and reviewed all aspects of the interview scenario, which reduced my anxiety and boosted my confidence. Cam was so happy when I was awarded the scholarship!"

Nadia S., Full-Scholarship Recipient

Cam Axelrood, Expert Interview Coach

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