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Post-Graduate Interview Prep
 & "Real Life" Rehearsal:
Includes In-Depth Research & Detailed Follow-Up Report

Cam brings a wealth of experience in preparing both recent college graduates and those looking for new careers on how to successfully interview in today's highly competitive job market. 


Clients receive personalized, one-one-one coaching focused on their individual goals.


Cam helps clients build confidence, articulate their own unique story, and successfully make a great first impression.

Example of Materials Covered in Session Packages, Below:
  • Pinpoint highlights of school and/or work experience that lends to school or job where client is applying to

  • Leadership Skills, Top Achievements, Strengths & Challenges Faced 

  • Uncover your unique story that sets you apart from the competition

  • Prepare and rehearse Talking Points to real-life interview questions

  • Key questions to ask the interviewer

  • Body language and non-verbal behavior

  • Fine-tune important interpersonal speaking skills

  • Interview follow-up

  • How to make that all-important great First Impression!

  • Build confidence & reduce anxiety in the process

The best way to prepare is to practice answering common interview questions. Cam helps prepare seniors in a Zoom setting using real life questions, helping build confidence, articulate their story, and successfully make a great first impression.

“Cam helped prepare me for my job interviews out of college. She asked real-life questions that helped me feel more confident and prepared for what to expect. Through our question and answer rehearsal, she helped me stand-out from the competition.The interview prep was key to landing my desired position at a top corporation."

Will N., Post-College Graduate

“I was a Ph.D. candidate who wasn't feeling confident talking about myself. After hiring Cam, she helped me create a script to use during an important interview with my top choice school. I felt better prepared and so much more comfortable speaking about my achievements, that after the interview I was accepted into the program!"

Deborah A., Ph.D. Candidate

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