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    Internship, Post-Grad, & Ph.D. Interview Prep

    40 min

    199 US dollars

Internship, Post-Grad, Ph.D. Interview Prep

Cam brings over 10 years of experience in conducting Mock Interviews for undergraduate students at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Cam asks the questions that will help prepare college undergrads for both the highly competitive internship interview process, as well as post-graduate and Ph.D. interviews. 

The interview process continues to get more competitive each year. Students likely go through five interviews at the same company for the chance at an internship. 

Cam prepares students in a real-life Zoom setting using real-life questions, helping them build confidence, articulate their story, and successfully make a great first impression.

Material Covered:
  • How to prepare for the business interview

  • Questions to expect during an interview

  • The opportunity to rehearse responses to interview questions

  • Advice on how to handle oneself throughout the interview session

  • Key questions to ask the interviewer

  • Body language and non-verbal behavior

  • How to skillfully end the interview conversation 

  • Interview follow-up