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Scholarships & Internships

When facing interviews for scholarships or internships, students can find themselves facing a panel of school or company officials, which can be extremely nerve-racking! Cam prepares students to bring their Best Self forward, helping them speak confidently about their experiences within their school and community, including their leadership, top achievements, strengths and challenges faced and how they worked through it. 

Interview Prep: Cam does a deep dive into the school or company where the student is interviewing to research the professionals involved to determine the culture, interview styles, and  expectations. The student's resume is requested for review so we can hit the ground running during the Discovery Session.

Interview Follow-Up Report: Students receive a detailed follow-up Report reviewing all discussion points covered during the session. This Report helps students feel prepared, less stressed and more confident going into interviews.

Select an Interview session or package to work with Cam to ACE your Scholarship & Internship interviews!

The best way to prepare is to practice answering common interview questions. Cam prepares students in a Zoom setting using real-life questions, helping to build confidence, cultivate speaking skills, and ultimately make that all-important great first impression.

Expert Interview Prep For:
College Admissions, Scholarships, Internships & Sports Recruiting

College admissions today is more competitive than ever before, with schools seeing double-digit applications, while acceptance rates remain static or are declining.

The bottom line is …. You can't do what everyone else is doing to get accepted into your dream school! 

Students who prep for their College Admissions and Recruitment Interviews boost their visibility and stand out from the crowd. Resist the temptation to "wing it" when it comes to your interview prep!

Cam knows what it takes to stand-out! Highlights of what students gain during their personalized one-on-one sessions are below.. Sign-up for one interview session or a package to rehearse in a "real" interview setting.

Pre-Interview: the student's resume/activities list is requested beforehand so we can hit the ground running on interview prep!

Session Follow-Up: students receive a detailed follow-up Report reviewing all discussion points covered during the session. This Report helps students feel prepared, less stressed and more confident going into interviews.

College Interviews: Get ready for your Dream School!

"Cam helped me feel less stressed when I was preparing for college admissions interviews. We prepared talking points about my strengths, challenges, and achievements. We created a fun story out of my passion for fishing! I felt prepared to speak about anything listed on my resume. I honestly feel that my interview prep helped me get accepted to my #1 school."

Nathan G., High School Sr.

"When I learned I was up for a full-ride scholarship, my mom contacted Cam to help with extra preparation for this important interview. I was nervous to face a panel of nine school administrators. Together we rehearsed answers and reviewed all aspects of the interview scenario, which reduced my anxiety and boosted my confidence. Cam was so happy when I was awarded the scholarship!"

Nadia S., Full Scholarship Recipient

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"Participating in mock interviews is essential to learning the best way to carry yourself during a college interview."

U.S. News Contributor Brian Witte

Example of Materials Covered in Session Packages, Below:

Together We:

  • Pinpoint Leadership skills, Strengths, Challenges & Top  Achievements;

  • Uncover your unique story from school, community & life experiences;

  • Discuss real-life interview questions & how to incorporate leadership skills, strengths, & accomplishments into answers;

  • Create & rehearse Talking Points to real-life interview questions;

  • Learn the difference between Formal and "hidden" Informal interviews;

  • Fine-tune important interpersonal speaking skills;-

  • Review the importance of body language and non-verbal behavior;

  • Discuss key questions to ask the interviewer; interview follow-up;

  • Build confidence & reduce anxiety in the process!

  • Learn how to make that all-important great first impression!​

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