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High School

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    50-minute interview prep

    50 min

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  • Available Online

    1- 50-minute interview prep session; 1- 50-minute follow-up rehearsal ...

    50 min

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College Admissions

Interview Prep &

"Real Life" Rehearsal

At many universities across the country today, college admissions continues to be a highly competitive environment, with many schools posting record-high application numbers for the class of 2027. With over 1,800 schools going SAT/ACT test-optional, college applications have skyrocketed by as much as 30-60% across the board. With large applicant pools, it's likely that admission rates will remain low or even decrease. One way for high school seniors to gain a competitive edge during the application process is through the College Admissions Interview.

Once a small part of an Personal Score within the student's Application Portfolio, the Admissions Interview now has garnered considerable impact and can make-up as much as 50% of the student's Personal Score, according to the National Association of College Admissions Counselors.

Cam brings a wealth of experience in preparing high schoolers for interviews in today's competitive college admissions environment. Students receive personalized, one-one-one coaching focused on their individual goals.


During the first Discovery Session, Cam works to pinpoint the student's Leadership Qualities, Strengths, Challenges Faced, and Top Achievements. Talking Points are created in preparation for rehearsal to real-life interview questions.


The Second Session is a Real-Life Rehearsal where Cam conducts the interview with the student in a College Admissions interview setting.

Cam helps clients build confidence, articulate their story, and successfully make a great first impression.


Materials Covered:

Together We:

  • Pinpoint Leadership skills, Strengths, Challenges & Top  Achievements;

  • Uncover your unique story from school, community & life experiences;

  • Discuss hard-hitting interview questions & how to incorporate leadership skills, strengths, & accomplishments into answers;

  • Create & rehearse Talking Points to real-life interview questions;

  • Learn the difference between Formal and Informal interviews;

  • Fine-tune important interpersonal speaking skills;-

  • Review the importance of body language and non-verbal behavior;

  • Discuss key questions to ask the interviewer; interview follow-up;

  • Build confidence & reduce anxiety in the process!

  • Learn how to make that all-important great first impression!​

The best way to prepare is to practice answering common interview questions. Cam helps prepare seniors in a Zoom setting using real-life questions, helping to build confidence, cultivate speaking skills, and ultimately make that all-

important great first impression.

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"Participating in mock interviews is essential to learning the best way to carry yourself during a college interview."

U.S. News Contributor Brian Witte

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